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Jam Live Loud Bluetooth in ear headphones header
Bluetooth experts Jam Audio are back with the lightweight Live Loud in-ear headphones. The sporty design features IPX4 sweat resistance and three hours of playtime, which extends to 12 hours...
House of Marley Positive Vibration XL over-ear Bluetooth headphones header
House of Marley is back with a revitalised headphone range. The new Positive Vibration XL is bringing up the more affordable end of the range at $99.99 USD (£99.99, $149.95 AUD). The XL is an over-ear Bluetooth headphone with 24 hours battery life and a bass-driven sound. Who is the House of Marley Positive Vibration XL for? The Positive Vibration XL is a no-nonsense Bluetooth 5.0 design, with no bells or whistles. The key design points are the 24 hour […]...
Modmic USB headset headphone review header
US boffins Antlion Audio have been making things easier for audiophiles since 2011. Recently they revamped their line-up and debuted the ModMic USB, which will set you back $79.95 USD....
ModMic Uni headset headphone mic header
Antlion Audio has been tweaking their ModMic series over the years and now they’re better than ever. Today we’re looking at the ModMic Uni, a recently released update on the...

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Soundpeats A2 Wireless Headphones
Soundpeats are a relatively new company but they seem to be progressing quickly and they’ve not blotted their copybook with a poor product yet – I had high hopes for the Soundpeats A2s. We recently reviewed the Soundpeats Q32 wireless earphones and were pretty much blown away with their features,...
Blitzwolf BW-AS1 Speaker
Boldly named audio tech manufacturer Blitzwolf successfully crowdfunded HK$100,000 to aid their R&D into the Blitzwolf BW-AS1 Bluetooth speaker. That works out to about £10,000 and whilst that doesn’t seem like an awful lot, it was still 200% of their target. As a result, the companies first Bluetooth speaker, the...
Soundpeats Q32 Bluetooth Earphones
Soundpeats are another Chinese audio manufacturer that seems to be defying conventions in the audio industry with their shockingly well priced, feature-rich and innovatively designed audio devices. If you want something more sports friendly, check out the Jaybird X2 review. They’re a relatively new company but they’ve been dotting up 5-star reviews across the internet and each of their new models seems to represent a clear progression. The Soundpeats Q32 is their latest offering in the true wireless earphone category. […]...
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